Une violoncelliste grimpe sur l’épaule d’un arbre géant pour lui prêter sa voix

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May 14, 2019


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A cellist climbs the shoulder of a giant tree to lend her voice


Cellist Audrey Nadeau has just produced a very provocative video on the YouTube channel. Inside, we can hear him offering himself in performance perched from the top of a tree trunk 8 feet high. Everything is located close to the second largest Douglas fir in Canada, called Big Doug the Lonely. Miss Nadeau and her partner produced this video together to help raise awareness of massive clearcuts and excessive deforestation in old-growth rainforests in British Columbia. The video has reached over 2,700 listeners on its new YouTube channel since the time of publication a week ago.


Miss Nadeau is a two-time graduate of the prestigious The Juilliard School and after performing for the last time at Carnegie Hall, then headed to Vancouver Island to settle there and undertake a project titled: Voicing the Forest. She thus offers the voice of her cello as an emissary to conserve our forests, decimated by massive clearcuts far from view, far from ears.


The Call of Our Forests is a breathtaking and deeply captivating artistic documentary that attempts to shake our love for endangered rainforests. He first surprises us by offering us the sensationalist vision of a young classical cellist in the midst of a daredevil situation. Miss Nadeau recounts with an amused air how she got onto the giant’s shoulder: ‘I had to climb without any help, trying as best I could not to soil my white dress, holding my precious cello in one hand and my even more expensive bow in the other. ” From above, balancing on one leg, she makes us germinate the beginning of a sacred love story.


This gesture of love took place on the International Day of Forests. Miss Nadeau tried to appease, through music, the evils inflicted on this thousand-year-old tree, left for the sole survivor in the middle of a large-scale clearcut that dates from 2012.


In her video, Miss Nadeau also wanted to communicate the feeling of distress and desolation that lasts once the cuts are made. So she channeled her anger by deciding to play naked behind her cello to shout even louder: ‘ Let’s put the rhetoric aside because we are running out of time! Let’s face it, we are completely stripping our land. ‘


The creativity with which Miss Nadeau delivered her art, and showcased the dire state of Vancouver Island’s coastal rainforests, caused a stir in many of her audience. Having attracted to her many artistic and environmental collaborations since the launch of her video, she is now invited to perform in concert for the Sing for the Tree event on June 8 at United Church in the town of Duncan. She will perform live in front of the broadcast of her video on the big screen.


The message she sends to her admirers, who stretch across Canada, is stoic: ‘The thousand-year-old trees of Vancouver Island can no longer fall silent, because I will lend them my voice, even if that must be done in mourning. ‘


Audrey Nadeau / Cellobride

BM and MM The Juilliard School

Voicing the Forest producer on YouTube


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