World-Class cellist leaves Carnegie behind to play for Trees

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May 13th 2019

World Class Cellist, Audrey Nadeau, has released an uncanny performance video of her own playing while she stood on an 8 feet stump adjacent to Big Lonely Doug, Canada’s second largest Douglas-fir tree. The video, released last week, has already reached over 2300 viewers on Youtube and Nadeau and her partner, producers of the videos, plan to promote the video further to help raise awareness about the grandeur and the plight of BC’s old-growth forests.


Mrs. Nadeau is a Juilliard graduate cellist, newly established in the Alberni Valley on Vancouver Island, B.C.. After her last performance in Carnegie Hall, she left NYC to focus her attention on a very down to earth matter: 

Voicing the Forest of B.C. through her cello.


Voicing the Forest is an artistically impressive and breathtaking cello performance given in a next to impossible outdoor setting, to demonstrate the scope of her love for the trees. If you ask her about her commute to the stage, she will tell you amused:”I had to climb by myself an 8 feet stump while trying not to wreck my clumsy wedding dress, holding an expensive cello in one hand and my even more costly bow in the other“.  Facing the camera as well as the wind gusts blowing directly at her, she performed stoically standing on one leg, directly next to Big Lonely Doug.


This break neck and provocative endeavor was done as a loving gesture to apologize to the giant Douglas-Fir, for the massive 2012 clearcut in which it is left standing alone. While this sacred love story of about 800 years difference happened on International Forest Day, it was completely unobserved except by one passing logging truck. The raw footage and recording of this miraculous performance have been published in a Youtube video in the form a short artistic documentary on Sunday night, May 5th. In a 3 days period, the video launched on a brand new channel had already 1500 views on YouTube alone.


In order to embody and voice the trees with utmost integrity, Mrs. Nadeau did also carefully opted for a nude scene behind her cello. This way, she found she could truly embody the loud suffering and desolation of the barren soil and burned stumps. Through this scene she wanted to enact a feeling of shame and distress. In the heat of the crying music her nakedness said: “There is no more time to be polite! Let’s face it! We are stripping the land bare naked!”


Her fans, spreading across Canada, have been touched and shocked by her boldness and courage. They are encouraging her to take the next step and make a series of like videos. The creativity with which Mrs. Nadeau has delivered and depicted the current state of the old-growth forest on Vancouver Island has caused many of her audience members to burst into loud sob and tears while watching her performance.


She is now invited to repeat the very same performance along her video being displayed on a screen, at the Sing for the Tree fundraising event, which will be held on June 8th at United Church in Duncan.


Her message to her fans spanning from coast to coast is strong and clear, the giants trees of Vancouver Island, victims of massive clearcut, can no longer fall in silence, for she vows to voice and mourn them through her cello.


Audrey Nadeau/Cellobride 

B.M. and M.M. The Juilliard School

Producer of Voicing the Forest YouTube video


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  • Rob van Dorsten

    14 May 2019 / Reply

    Just reading this article made me weep with joy that someone would do this.
    We need more human,spiritual beings like this one for ‘beings’ like Big Lonely .

    • admin

      14 May 2019 / Reply

      A true artist making a real difference!

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