Unheard of Cello Adventures – Yacht Tofino

Adventure no.1

The InnChanter, Hot Springs Cove

The Little Prince boards the plane

It was not without a fair bit of anxiety that I boarded the very small hydroplane with my most precious possession, my cello. I was about to fly to the InnChanter, a yacht located at the Hot Springs Cove in Tofino. My plan was to catch some of the special full moon’s energy and basically just lay low. I thought it would be the perfect honeymoon for me and my cello. We both needed some time off to reconnect.

Special rituals

Whenever I feel a roadblock in my artistic endeavors, I try to get off the beaten path. It’s funny because Tofino is the last city available by roads on Vancouver Island. If you want to travel further, you need to go by plane or by boat. That was a parallel that I was yet unaware of as I was simply aiming at reconnecting with my muse that day. 

Was looking for the muse and ended up amused

There is no way you can go around unnoticed when travelling to this wild area of the world with a big cello case. As soon as the diner was served, the guests of the yacht started chatting about where they were from and what they were here to do. Even without My Little Prince right next to me, I am easily spotted out as an outsider with my French accent. It did not take too long for the fellow guests to ask for a little impromptu performance.

Off the beaten path, you have to improvise.

To have a cello in this part of the world is not only rare, but totally unheard of.  We all agreed that it would be a unique treat to have a yacht concert in one of the most magnificent landscape on Earth. So I went to my room and got my cello without having yet the slightest idea what I was about to perform. Next think I knew, music was escaping from my fingers as I was in the middle of an improvisation. To improvise flowing music like that allowed me to remember the deep and loving bond I have with my cello.

That flying adventure, in the totally wilderness of Vancouver Island, brought me successfully right back the muse! I love living in Tofino, where all the romance and daring synchronicity of the world are possible!

Adventure no.2

The Thea Foss Yatcht, Tofino

Just after playing a wedding on Mackenzie Beach, I was approached to my delight by Captain Bill. He then asked me to perform a series of concerts over the span of two seasons on the american yacht The THEA FOSS. Unknown to me at the time, the THEA FOSS was on its last trip to Tofino, from Seattle.

Similarly to my hydroplane experience this adventure was very daring and yet, unheard of in Tofino.

First, I was routinely welcomed at the marina below the Hatch by Captain Bill.
We would then board a small zodiac boat with my cello and numerous other gear. I recall silently praying they would remain dry as we headed into the Ocean Bay waters toward the fine american yacht.

After the guests had diner, I would entertain them for a couple hours. I liked to typically bring things to a close by performing the dramatic Titanic music. It was always a well received joke. We would then be on our way to the main island at around 9 or 10 pm. By that time the waters were dark, and the occasional thick fog would make the ambiance looks really spooky.

I recall how this Titanic this joke of mine would uncomfortably sink in in the total darkness and silence, as the potential for : unseen obstacles, whales, and perhaps even very powerful tides could be tipping the boat in the dark.

I will miss you Captain Bill and Thea Foss’ crew! Hope to see you in Seattle next year!

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