Disney Music Children Concert

This music is a dance, a story, a joy to share!

This upcoming free children concert will be held in the heart of Port Alberni at SteamPunk Cafe at 6PM. It is designed to be interactive with bits of story telling and humor between each pieces. The idea here is to create a cohesive and flowing experience in order to catch and retain the attention of the young audience.
I intend to allow the children to move freely around and perhaps even embody the feelings the music conveys to them by dancing under the supervision of their parents.

It is my believe that the core foundation of discipline is pleasure and joy. This is why it is my intent to provide the children with a pleasurable initial experience in regards to classical music.
Many families are afraid of the discipline that is require behind the practice of a classical instruments but the truth of the matter is that such practice is only sustainable to the degree to which one is having pleasure!
Basic musical teachings will be provided as the concert will unfold so the hungry minds can walk away satiated and perhaps fascinated to discover more on their own.

This is a truly unique FREE family gathering, not only in Port Alberni, but on Vancouver Island. It is not to be missed! Come and hear all those Disney tunes in their original format on the cello.

I hope to see you there for a pre-Christmas family cultural activity!


* Please contact me for weddings or private events
Piano and Cello lessons (bilingual: French and English)
Do not forget that a cello will be provided for free, for those who commits to a minimum of three months of musical studies

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